Kalanchoe  (pronounced kal-un-KOH-ee) are native to Madagascar and tropical Africa. Kalanchoes have oval shaped shaped leaves with scalloped edges with textures that are sometimes powder-coated, or glossy; gray-frosted to dark green in appearance.

Kalanchoe produce small clusters of four-petalled flowers that bloom from the tops of their stems during the winter season (in Australia). The flowers are vibrant in colour; from hot pink, bright yellow, orange or red which can brighten up any bleak looking garden during winter.

They are extremely hardy succulents and can grow well in both full sun and partial shade conditions.

Kalanchoe Identification:
Kalanchoe Type Description
Kalanchoe Marmorata
Large oval blue-green leaves with scalloped edges and spectacular purple markings. Height reaches 30cm. Large white flowers in clusters in winter. Sun/part sun.
Kalanchoe Humilis
A stunning plant with pale green leaves flecked with crimson and irregularly notched margins. Forms a small shrub. Sun/part sun.