Graptopetalum are native to Mexico and southern USA and are characterised by their thick leaves forming rosettes with star-shaped flowers from white to pink on long stems. Their leaves vary in colour from silver-grey to pink to waxy green, and are often speckled. Graptopetalum have a similar appearance to Echeverias and also hybridise with them quite easily, producing some of the most spectacular looking plants.

Identify Your Graptopetalum:
Graptopetalum Type Description
Graptopetalum Pentadrum ' Superbum'
An attractive succulent that forms 12cm flat rosettes with fleshy purple lavender coloured leaves. During growth season, it produces offset stems with a cluster of beautiful miniature rosettes. The dusty textured leaves are quite delicate so it's best to avoid touching the leaves as the oil from the skin can leave markings on the plant. Can live in part sun conditions, but thrives in full sun.
Graptopetalum Care:

Graptopetalum are summer growers and do best in full sun, or part sun. For optimal growth Graptopetalum require gritty porous soil with excellent drainage. During the summer months, water regularly but making sure you let the soil dry out between watering. Very minimal water is required over the winter. Fertilise once during the growing season with a balanced fertiliser diluted to ¼ strength.