Echeverias can be considered as the most attractive of all succulents, highly valued by collectors for their amazing colours and variation. Their rosettes range in size from 2cm to 50cm in diameter. They generally flower in the warmer months with colours ranging from white to orange to pink to red. Echeverias can require a little more attention and care than most succulents and perform their best when in full sun.


Genus: Echeveria
Family: Crassulaceae
Height 1′ – 2′ (30cm – 60cm)
Spread: ‎1′ – 2′ (30cm – 60cm)
Sun Exposure: Full sun, partial sun
Maintenance: Medium
Water needs: Low, average
Echeveria Identification:
Echeveria Type Description
Echeveria colorata 'Mexican Giant'
Native to Mexico. Spectacular rosettes to 30cm in diameter. Thick broad almost white leaves sometimes flushed with pink covered with a white powder-like wax coating. Due to delicate nature of the coating on the leaves, avoid watering from above.
Echeveria 'Doris Taylor'
‘Woolly Rose’. A shrubby upright species to 20cm tall with rosettes to 30cm in diameter. Deep green fuzzy leaves tipped with red and covered in fine white hairs. Relatively large orange flowers during bloom season.
Echeveria Colorata f Lindsayana
A beautiful echeveria forming tight rosettes of green-blue, fleshy leaves with pretty pink tips. Gorgeous pink flowers appear on arching stems from mid-summer to autumn.
Echeveria Colorata
A perfect Echeveria with plump silvery leaves edged in red.
Echeveria Prolifica
Miniature rosettes to 3cm across, offsetting profusely to form an excellent ground cover. Silvery green leaves. Produces yellow flowers in bloom season.
Echeveria Albicans
Echeveria albicans is an attractive species forming densely packed rosettes to 12cm wide. The short chunky rounded leaves are pale-green/silver/white. It remains compact and offsets quickly to form dense clumps. Produces small coral pink flowers with yellow centres in spring.

Echeveria 'Satine'
An unusually shaped, but beautiful echeveria characterised by its ruffled textured leaves. Grey-green rosettes with purple hues and soft red edging, more intense in full sun.
Echeveria Subrigida
A beautiful rosette with green spade shaped leaves outlined with magenta growing up to 45cm across. Can look similar in appearance to Echeveria Cante. A treasure for echeveria succulent collectors - very difficult to find in Sydney nurseries.
Echeveria 'Joan Daniel' x Ciliata x Nodulosa
A stunning hybrid of Echeveria 'Joan Daniel' with deep-green leaves covered in fine hair and edged in magenta.
Echeveria Morning Beauty
Beautiful gray-blue rosettes edged with slight touches of pink.
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