Aeonium are native to the Canary Islands and North Africa. A feature which distinguishes the Aeonium is that they will form a fairly tall stand of rosettes of green, dark burgundy or variegated foliage arranged on the top of a slender stalk. The leaves are spoon-shaped, sometimes glossy, and occasionally matte. Depending on the variety they can grow to a height of a 1m or less than 15cm.

Aeonium Type Description

Aeonium Zwartzkopf
The cultivar 'Zwartkop' is a very dark selection of Aeonium arboretum with tall arching stems and large heads of deep purple black foliage. It differs from the common Aeonium arboreum 'Atropurpureum' which has somewhat shorter stems and smaller heads of dark reddish purple foliage. Sometimes it produces nice crested stems and seems to to change in and out of its crested mode during the years.
Aeonium Sedefolium
Aeonium sedifolium is a small succulent plant that has delicate branching stems to not much more than 15 cm tall and wide bearing small rosettes of 1.2 cm long rounded sticky lime-green leaves streaked with red stripes that radiate upward in the rosette, unlike most of the larger flat topped Aeonium.